Is my nose big, long, or wide?


Is my nose big, long, or wide?

Is my nose big, long, or wide for my face?

Many of my patients ask whether their nose is big, long, or wide? It is a common question that many who are seeking rhinoplasty ask me. What exactly are facial proportions that give symmetry and balance to the face.

​The choice to undergo rhinoplasty is a personal decision made by the patient and upon consultation with a trusted surgeon. A wide nasal bridge can be improved with osteotomies or bone cuts in the nasal pyramid. The crooked nose can be addressed by correcting assymetry in the tip and middle bridge or vault of the nose by using a combination of cartilage spreader grafts, and repositioning the nasal tip in an extension graft. The profile can be smoothed out with a rasp and a small onlay graft if needed. Consulting with a facial plastic surgeon can help to further delineate your concerns.

​The size of the nose must match the proportions of the face to give aesthetic balance. When patients consider how big their nose is, they may see a nose that projects too much from the face. The nasal tip should approximate the length between the upper lip and the base of the nose. Appropriate proportions of the size of the nose include nasal length that matches approximately one third of the face from the nasal starting point to the end of the nose. A nasal width that approximates the width of the eye is considered aesthetically ideal. Within these constraints, tip refinement can help shape the lower third of the nose. The thickness of the skin may limit the final result but to a lesser degree than the other changes that I mentioned. Establishing a relationship with a board certified facial plastic surgeon with extensive experience in rhinoplasty is recommended.