Facial Rejuvenation San Antonio

Facial Rejuvenation San Antonio

Facial Rejuvenation San Antonio

Facial Rejuvenation San Antonio

Facial Rejuvenation San Antonio to Restore Youth to the Face

Facial rejuvenation San Antonio aims to treat the three causes of facial aging. Restoring youth to the face involves addessing facial fat descent and deflation, and wrinkles or demarcation lines. As the skin ages, the malar fat pad or cheek mound descends causing the tear trough deformity. Second, the descent of the cheek mound pronounces the melolabial fold. Third, loss of collagen and elasticity in skin further compound the effect of aging.

Facial Rejuvenation addresss many key components of facial aging. Facial fat deflation and descent in the cheek can be treated with Facial Fat Grafting San Antonio, Radiesse dermal filler or Restylane Lyft. Both Radiesse and Restylane Lyft can be used to treat the loss of collagen and elasticity by promoting a natural cheek lift and increasing collagen over time.  Dr. Jose Barrera, MD uses a combination of facial surgery and laser skin resurfacing for severe facial aging.

A midface lift or forehead lift surgery can also be used in Facial Rejuvenation  to address the descent of the cheek and malar fat pad in skin rejuvenation. San Antonio Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jose Barrera, MD has published on the anatomical differences seen in volume and cheek shape caused by facial aging when comparing a younger group of women to an elderly mature group of female patients. Dr. Barrera found that the volume of the cheek pad is preserved, but the position of the malar fat pad descends with loss of elasticity and collagen. Therefore, a facelift to restablish the height and position of the malar fat pad may reposition to the cheek and rejuvenate the face. Read more about the article at JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery. The right cheek pad is represented in blue and the left in red in this figure. The malar fat pad or cheek mound changes shape with smiling but maintains its volume and position.

Facial Rejuvenation Research Dr. Jose Barrera

Cheek Pad Before and After Smile – Study performed by Dr. Jose Barrera, MD

What Facial Rejuvenation San Antonio Procedure is Right for Me?

Deciding between facelift surgery, dermal fillers, or laser skin resurfacing

Facelift surgery has the potential to restore the position of the malar fat pad permenantly by repositioning the cheek. A midface lift or deep plane facelift can both be effective skin rejuvenation. Using dermal fillers like Restylane Lyft, Voluma, Sculptra, or Radiesse may also address the descent and deflation in skin rejuvenation by adding volume and promoting collagen production. Dermal fillers are temporary and may need annual treatment for skin rejuvenation. Laser skin resurfacing also address loss of collagen by improving collagen production and tightening the skin. Dr. Jose Barrera, MD uses the Lumenis CO2 fractional laser and ResurFX Erbium Glass laser for skin rejuvenation.