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Chin Implant San Antonio | Genioplasty San Antonio

Chin implant San Antonio and Genioplasty San Antonio are two surgical options to improve the jawline. The single most defining feature of the lower face is a straight jawline. With aging jowling and a prejowl sulcus or notch can accentuate the marionette area and the jawline. The prejowl sulcus is a depression or notch next to the chin which is associated with loss of volume or deflation, loss of bone adjacent to the chin, or descent of facial tissues with aging.

The prejowl sulcus can be corrected with dermal fillers, facial fat grafting, or placement of a prejowl chin implant. We can show a gallery of a patient who had a prejowl chin implant. Addressing the prejowl area in combination with a facelift operation can create a straight and youthful lower face.
Do you have a small jaw or a prominent chin?

A Genioplasty surgery augments a small chin and can also lessen a prominent chin. A genioplasty surgery involves a small incision inside the mouth through which the chin can be reshaped and moved into a more aesthetic position. Chin implants may also be used to enhance a small chin and provide balance to the facial profile. Incisions for chin implants are small and made underneath the chin in a natural crease.

Why consider Chin Implant Surgery or Mentoplasty?

A well defined chin balances the face and creates a more aesthetic profile. A balanced chin also helps define the neck line improving sagging jowls and the neck line. Dr. Jose Barrera, MD specializes in rhinoplasty and chin implant San Antonio and genioplasty advancement surgery which in combination enhance the shape and presentation of one’s face. Chin implant or genioplasty surgery may be necessary for functional reasons such as sleep apnea, retrognathia, or microgenia (small chin). It may also be associated with a malocclusion or bite abnormality. Dr. Jose Barrera, MD is fellowship trained in maxillofacial surgery having studied under prominent craniofacial surgeons at Stanford University. He will weigh factors such as age, skin type, occlusion, and health problems like sleep apnea to educate about the best treatment option for your jaw line and chin.

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