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eyelid surgery san antonio

Eyelid Surgery San Antonio | Blepharoplasty San Antonio

Dr. Jose Barrera, MD combines minimally invasive eyelid surgery and Eyelid Surgery San Antonio or blepharoplasty to achieve a rested and refreshed appearance. Dr. Barrera was named a Top Doctor in Eyelid Surgery by In combination with eyelid surgery, a browlift helps to elevate the heavy forehead and improve hooding of the eyelids. CO2 laser resurfacing helps to remove facial and eyelid wrinkles. Follow our patient on her journey after Facelift, CO2 Laser Resurfacing and Browlift with Eyelid Surgery San Antonio.

Do your friends and family tell you look tired despite having a restful night of sleep?

Eyelid Surgery San Antonio or Blepharoplasty San Antonio is a cosmetic surgery to improve  the lower and upper eyelids. Eyelid Surgery is performed to remove excessive skin, fat bags, pouches, or wrinkles around the eye. It may be performed for patients that have a visual field deficit or for excessive droopiness of the eyelid skin.

Droopy eyelids can make you look older or impair vision. Blepharoplasty San Antonio corrects the puffiness of the eyelids and smooths the bags and wrinkles around the eyes. It can be performed as a single procedure or in combination with other procedures such as a forehead lift, facelift, laser resurfacing, or fillers.

Is blepharoplasty San Antonio right for you?

Having good health and the right expectations is necessary when considering facial plastic surgery. Patients with eye conditions such as glaucoma or excessive dryness may need further workup and a visit with an ophthalmologist for evaluation. Consultation with Dr. Barrera will give you additional information as to how to complement an eyelid lift with other procedures to achieve the best outcome. Dr. Barrera might recommend planning a simultaneous forehead lift to correct a droopy brow or fractional laser resurfacing to remove excessive wrinkles around the eyes. Whether the surgery is performed for functional or aesthetic reasons, we recommend trusting your face to a facial plastic surgeon. You can view how facelift and laser surgery can be combined with San Antonio Eyelid Surgery before and after at

What to expect during the visit?

During the visit for Eyelid Surgery San Antonio, you will be asked to answer questions in regards to your vision, tear production, use of lenses, and desires for surgery. You may need to see an eye doctor for clearance. A mutual decision will be made by you and your surgeon and realistic expectations will be discussed based on your skin type, severity, age, ethnic background, and degree of obstruction.

Understanding Blepharoplasty San Antonio and Eyelid Surgery San Antonio

In upper eyelid surgery, the skin crease of the upper eyelid is identified and the desired fold is marked. The incision is made and excess fat and skin are repositioned.  Fine absorbable sutures are placed to close the incisions.

In lower eyelid surgery, an invisible incision is made in the conjunctiva of the eyelid. Excess fat is removed or repositioned. Occasionally, excess skin is removed by making a inconspicuous incision in the lash line or using a fractional laser to tighten the excess wrinkles in the lower eyelid. The operation may take 1 – 2 hours.


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What to expect after the surgery for Blepharoplasty San Antonio?

Immediately after eyelid surgery San Antonio, small sterile bandages may be placed under the lower eyelids. These tiny bandages or steri-strips will peel off by themselves. Ointment will be placed under the eyes. Eye drops for the first two weeks are recommended. Dr. Barrera may also prescribe antibiotic or a mild steroid eye drop to help with healing and itchiness. The risks of blepharoplasty are minimal but excessive swelling, persistent fat or loose skin, dry eyes, and rarely visual loss have been reported.


Does insurance cover blepharoplasty San Antonio cost?

Insurance doesn’t cover eyelid surgery cost San Antonio performed for aesthetic reasons. If the surgery is performed to correct vision or an eye deformity, the surgery may be partially reimbursed. Dr. Barrera will refer for a peripheral field test to determine if there is a visual problem. The average cost for eyelid surgery San Antonio is between $3500 – $4000 plus facility and anesthesia fees depending on patient concerns and complexity.

What is Forehead Lift or Browlift Surgery San Antonio?

Do excessive wrinkles or drooping of your eyelids bother you or limit your vision?

A forehead or brow lift San Antonio helps to minimize forehead lines, wrinkles, and droopiness of the forehead.  Botox or Dysport may also be used to improve excessive wrinkles of the forehead and provide a chemical brow lift. Dr. Barrera performs Browlift San Antonio through minimally invasive endoscopic browlift or in the hairline providing natural forehead lifts.

Browlift San Antonio can be combined with a facelift and CO2 laser resurfacing. Browlift Surgery before and after can viewed at

Is a Browlift Surgery San Antonio right for you?

The brow and forehead show the first signs of aging. The skin loses its elasticity and excessive sun damage causes wrinkling and brown spots. Patients may be mistaken for looking angry or tired. Many patients opt for forehead surgery to provide a “natural” yet rejuvenated appearance to the forehead and eyelids.

As with any elective procedure, good health and realistic expectations are important. The forehead lift is usually done for patients between the ages of 40 to 70. The texture of the skin, the amount of droopiness and wrinkling, and the amount of scalp hair affect the type of brow lift recommended.

Understanding the Browlift San Antonio

The browlift San Antonio or forehead lift surgery can be performed through minimally invasive incisions in scalp whereby a scope will assist in the release of the scalp and forehead. Realself Top Browlift Doctor Jose Barrera, MD performs various forehead lift procedures. Other techniques involve making an incision in front of the hairline. Male patients with male pattern balding may need a mid-forehead incision placed in a natural skin crease. San Antonio Browlift can be performed at the same time as eyelid surgery.

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