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Rhinoplasty or Nose Job Surgery can help improve the cosmetic shape of the nose as well as improve breathing. Do you have difficulty breathing in San Antonio or would like a straighter, more refined nose? Rhinoplasty is a surgery where the cartilage and bone of the nose are reshaped and reconstructed. It may involve correcting a functional obstruction to improve breathing (septoplasty) and reshaping the tip, middle vault, and boney pyramid of the nose to correct a deviation or refine the nose.

Living in San Antonio, Is rhinoplasty surgery right for you?


Dr. Jose Barrera, MD has been rated by his peers and patients as a Top Facial Plastic Surgeon in Rhinoplasty Surgery by He has performed over 700 rhinoplasty operations and is a specialist in revision rhinoplasty. He is an expert in Rhinoplasty San Antonio.

In nasal surgery consultation, Dr. Jose Barrera, MD will discuss improvement in nasal obstruction, congestion, fixing a crooked nose, and refining the nasal tip, bridge, and profile.

Every year half a million people seek consultation to enhance the appearance of their nose. Some are unhappy with the nose they were born with or the way it has aged. Others have suffered a traumatic injury which causes disfigurement or an inability to breathe appropriately. Before considering nose surgery, it is important to understand the anatomy and function of the nose. Dr. Barrera will evaluate your nasal function and address your top cosmetic concerns during your rhinoplasty consultation. A proper facial analysis balancing medical expertise and your specific concerns will be performed.

Is rhinoplasty and nasal surgery covered by insurance in San Antonio?

Nose job and Nasal surgery in San Antonio may be covered by insurance when a septal deviation, narrowing, or swelling inside the nose from the turbinates causes significant obstruction. In addition, recurrent and chronic sinus infections may affect the function of the nose. An thorough evaluation is necessary to understand this condition. A septoplasty, balloon sinuplasty, sinus surgery, or turbinate reduction may be performed at the time of cosmetic rhinoplasty.  Aesthetic surgery of the nose is not covered by insurance.

How much is Nose Job San Antonio Cost?

A nose job San Antonio Cost varies depending on surgeon, revision rhinoplasty cost, rhinoplasty anesthesia, and facility prices. Rhinoplasty cost in San Antonio is approximately $7450 as reported on Revision rhinoplasty cost San Antonio price averages $9500. If a septoplasty or rib cartilage is required the revision nose job will cost more.

Can you give me someone else’s nose?

Rhinoplasty is a personal decision. The uniqueness of the nose is as unique as the individual. The goal of the operation is not to replicate someone else’s nose, rather it is to provide balance with the rest of the face and improve function. Skin type, ethnicity, and age are  all important factors when discussing nasal surgery.  Following a consultation with Dr. Jose Barrera, MD, a joint decision will be made based on your desires, any functional concerns, patient photographs, and realistic expectations. Rhinoplasty costs in San Antonio will be discussed with you by our expert team.

Understanding nose surgery?

Rhinoplasty means changing the shape of the nose. The operation involves accessing the bone and cartilage framework supporting the nose through incision inside the nose and the area of the skin separating the nostrils. The prominent or deviated cartilage or bone is reduced, augmented, or replaced allowing the surgeon to sculpt the cartilage and reduce bumps on the nose. The tissues are redraped and a temporary splint is placed for one week. A splint may be placed inside the nose to maintain stability that permits nasal breathing postoperatively. We perform rhinoplasty in San Antonio, Texas at top rated hospitals.

What to expect after the surgery?

You will be  monitored in the post anesthesia recovery area until you are well enough to be discharged home. The majority of patients do not feel excessive pain after the surgery. You will be given analgesic pain medications and antibiotics. It is important to irrigate your nose with saline after the operation. Some patients develop swelling and bruising around the eyes after the operation. Any external sutures and splints are removed after 5 – 8 days. Activities such as heavy lifting, running, blowing your nose, excessive exertion,  or sun exposure are prohibited after surgery. Follow-up care is crucial as postoperative swelling and bleeding can occur after the surgery. It is important to keep your followup appointment with your surgeon.

In consultation Dr. Barrera will discuss improvement in nasal obstruction, congestion, fixing a crooked nose, and refining the nasal tip, bridge, and profile.

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